Wade Hixton's Counter Punch

Wade Hixton's Counter Punch is a boxing game for the GBA that plays like Punch-Out!!. It was released in North America and Europe in 2004. It was developed by Destination Software, and published by Inferno Games(NA) and Zoo Publishing(EU). Before release, the game was known as Sadistic Boxing and Sucker Punch. Also, on certain online game websites, there are demo versions of this game called Wade Hixton's Counter Punch: Mini-Game.


  1. Rocco McScrub
  2. Sweetness
  3. Jobu
  4. Gus Incubus
  5. Mimi Li
  6. Evil Wade
  7. Killa Gorilla
  8. Don


This game plays similarly to the Punch-Out!! games, the only noteworthy differences being that the player can purchase special techniques using money won from the fights, and hire someone to help in the fights.


The game was mostly well received. It was nominated "GBA Game of the Month" by Gamespot, and it has a score of 78 at Metacritic.

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