Glass Joe Coffee

Glass Joe blowing on his coffee. This is an example of an image in a slideshow.

Slideshows are a new feature in Punch Out!! for the Wii which are shown just before beginning a fight with a contender to give the characters more backstory. During these, several images of the character are shown. These either depict them living their lives normally, training for their matches or how they've trained to take on Little Mac in Title Defense. The music played during each slideshow is either an actual song from their country or stereotypical music associated with said country or nationality.


Glass Joe: Edit

  1. Glass Joe smiles with a cup of coffee at the Arc De Triomphe with the Eiffel Tower visible in the background.
  2. Same as above, but Glass Joe blows on his coffee to cool it.
  3. Joe poses by a table of baguettes, still grinning. The Eiffel Tower is still visible.
  4. He holds up one of the baguettes. His smile has disappeared and he now looks rather nervous.

Von Kaiser: Edit

  1. Kaiser uses a thin towel to shine his shoe.
  2. He teaches his students and challenges them to a match.
  3. One of his students punches him in the groin as the other one tries to stifle a laugh.
  4. He cringes at the force of the punch as the two kids laugh.

Disco Kid: Edit

  • Music: Disco beat, complete with 70's bass and synth
  1. Disco Kid reveals that he has installed speakers in his car's trunk so he can share his music with the public.
  2. He shows off the numerous dancing awards he has won in the past.
  3. He break-dances at a local night club
  4. At the same night club, he points his finger diagonally.

King Hippo: Edit

  • Music:  a "tribal" piece with a jungle whistle.
  1. King Hippo eats through a pile of food far away from the camera
  2. Same as above, but the sun is further across the sky and he is closer to the camera, leaving food scraps in his wake.
  3. Same as above, but he is completely in front of the camera as the sun sets, with lots of food scraps behind him.
  4. He dozes off in a hammock (Which is hardly managing to support him due to his immense weight) near a seaside village.


Piston Hondo: Edit

  1. A faraway shot of Hondo's house with a flock of doves flying by and several cherry blossom trees as well as a river.
  2. Hondo meditates barefoot in his house.
  3. Hondo gets up and tightens his headband.
  4. Hondo stands in a boxing stance facing the camera.

Bear Hugger Edit

  • Music: A banjo-and-harmonica piece in a fast, jovial pace.
  1. Bear Hugger chugs maple syrup while eating an enormous fry up.
  2. Bear Hugger chops down the surplus population of trees in the mountain.
  3. A grizzly bear roars at Bear Hugger and scares him.
  4. The bear, now equipped with boxing mitts, spars with Bear Hugger.

Great Tiger Edit

  • Music: Indian sitar with echoing notes
  1. A shot of a palace/mosque.
  2. Smoke begins to emerge out of the windows.
  3. Great Tiger emerges from a window of the palace atop a floating cloud.
  4. Great Tiger faces the camera in a battle-ready stance.

Don Flamenco Edit

  1. A bull charges at Flamenco as he sniffs a rose.
  2. The bull carries on running as Flamenco flexes.
  3. With a swift uppercut, he sends the bull flying into the air as he sniffs the rose again.
  4. He offers the rose to a swooning girl in the crowd.

Aran Ryan Edit

  • Music:  An Irish jig
  1. Aran tickles a person's armpit while they lift a weight on a bench press.
  2. He vandalises a poster of Little Mac.
  3. He begins placing horseshoes into his gloves.
  4. He tries to take on the cameraman.
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