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The Punch-Out!! series is a series of boxing video games created by Nintendo. It started in the arcades as Punch-Out!!, including a sequel, and has spanned home consoles, including the original NES release with Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! and the SNES with Super Punch-Out!!. The series also had a spin-off called Arm Wrestling. The NES version featuring Mr. Dream has been re-released on the Wii and 3DS through Nintendo's Virtual Console service. The gameplay in the series mainly consists of knocking out the opponent in a boxing match.

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Appearances in other video gamesEdit

The series has made multiple appearances in other games as well. Super Punch-Out!! appears as a bonus on the Nintendo GameCube version of Electronic Arts' Fight Night: Round 2 and Little Mac the star of Super Punch-Out!! appears as a secret boxer in full 3D. The series also makes frequent cameos in some microgame of 9-Volt's in the WarioWare franchise. He later appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a character the player can summon from an item called an Assist Trophy, when the Assis Trophy is used Little Mac will be sumonned to the field and run to the closest opponent and attack with a barrage of punches or a Star Uppercut, and as a trophy. His latest appearance is in skip Ltd.'s Wii video game called Captain Rainbow, where the main character has to help him get in shape to regain his championship title.

In other mediaEdit

Topps and Nintendo of America made a series of trading cards featuring characters from the Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Double Dragon, and Punch-Out!! series. The Punch-Out!! cards are of the various opponent boxers that Little Mac fights. The 10 character cards have scratch-off spots on them, while others have stickers and game-related hints. A Punch-Out!! short story was also made for the Nintendo Comics System. King Hippo is one of the main villians in both the comic and cartoon series for Captain N: The Game Master. Other Punch-Out!! characters make rare appearances, but Little Mac appears (in-game) in the cartoon's intro as the game that Kevin Keene is playing before entering Videoland.

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