The Hondo Rush is a move courtesy of Piston Hondo. He stands back at the ropes, dances, and comes back to the fray and delivers four attacks, three jabs and one of his uppercuts. You can gain an instant knockdown if you hit him as he comes to the fray. The move returns in Title Defense, this time, it gets faster with every knockdown. He starts out with a standard Hondo Rush, then, he adds more attacks after every knockdown. You can knock him down if you time it masterfully, star if you time it good, free punch if you time it okay, and if you time it completely worthlessly, well, let's just say that your blocking skills will seriously be tested. You must have RAZOR sharp reflexes to even think about even trying to dodge it. If you dodge it, you will be "Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth"., for sure.If you try to dodge on your first try, you will without a doubt get hit. If Little Mac gets hit by most of it, he's going down.