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Little Mac blocking the Hondo Rush

The Hondo Rush is a move courtesy of Piston Hondo. He stands back at the ropes, dances, and comes back to the fray and delivers four attacks, three jabs and one of his uppercuts. You can gain an instant knockdown if you hit him as he comes to the fray. The move returns in Title Defense, this time, it gets faster with every knockdown. He starts out with a standard Hondo Rush, then, he adds more attacks after every knockdown. If you time it right, you can knock him down instantly but if you slightly mistime it, all you get is a star. If you don't time your punch well, you're going to get hit. You must have sharp reflexes to dodge it. If you dodge it, though, all you get are a few punches so it's better off to just counter it. If Little Mac gets hit by most of it, he's going down.

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