Von kaiserdodge

The player dodging Von Kaiser.

Dodging is a technique in every installment of the Punch-Out!! series. It can be used to evade most oncoming attacks. Dodging is, arguably, one of the most important moves in the Punch Out!! series. In Punch-Out!! featuring Mr. Dream, it is performed by pressing left or right on the Control Pad. In Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! you can dodge left or right using the Control Pad in the same manner as mentioned before, with the added ability to dodge downwards by double tapping down on the Control Pad. The same control scheme is used in Super Punch Out, with the added ability you use up instead of down to block, with ducking having it's own button at down on the control pad. In Punch-Out!!, it can be performed one of two three ways depending on the control scheme used by the player. When playing with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, pressing left or right on the Control Stick activates the maneuver; when playing with only the Wii Remote in both hands, dodging is done by pressing left or right on the Control Pad; finally, when playing with the Wii Balance Board, applying pressure to its left or right sides causes Little Mac to dodge. Dodging cannot stop all attacks, such as the Bear Hug, which in order to to avoided, you must Duck. Sometimes, dodging left or right will have different outcomes in certain situations, so you have to think carefully which way you are going to dodge.
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